We’re With Hoof.
Acting in creation,

A media house to host great ideas, stories and people with the craving desire to support authentic power and enable new experiences to flow consciously in our world with every investment. W/ Hoof was founded in 2018 to be a creative and intelligent force in the media and entertainment industry and attracts the most interesting minds within sound, script and production to create a unique expression. We’re proud to be part of a cutting edge network that spans all disciplines to influence and broadcast creations throughout new media platforms.

With inspiration from all over the globe and a conviction that all possibilities already exists we want your brand to realize its highest, truest version. Today people are brands and brands are people. All of this finds its way into what we do best - create and distribute content that allows experiences to play a meaningful role in people’s lives and in the world we live in.

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‘We want to use the power of entertainment as a channel to broaden people’s perspectives’

- Johanna C Hoof, Founder of W/ Hoof