Production is in the essence of creation - this is where we build, act, play to shape meaningful entertainment. We’re a house to host great ideas, stories and people and build these to be perceived and tasted in different concepts - live and on screen, through a book or a social media account. Let us tell you more!

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We do documentaries, series, short film, indipendent film, parallel productions and feature film. Join our screenplay sessions and pitch your story. We help with everything from casting to directing and production to the building of character.

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live experience

Life is an event. We love to host dinners and launching events, we’ve had the practice of setting up galas and shows and longing to create meaningful experiences that comes from thought through concepts. Get in contact to manifest your live experience.

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It’s time to bring your story to the many people.This is where distribution channels and network plays a vital role. Where and how your ideas gets published is sometimes more important than the content itself, to make an impact. Act W/ Hoof to disrupt the world of media distribution.