Podcast is a format we believe in and we’re eager to create new scripts and concepts to entertain. W/ Hoof Studio produce exciting content and host ideas we vision to bring value and make us experience something new. We produce podcasts and bring them to life through showcasts or live podcasts to interact w/ listeners. If you have ideas or stories that needs to be broadcasted through your own show or in collaboration with the established shows - you are welcome to contact us! The focus lies in high quality in both the content and the collaborations we bring to production. Each collaboration is tailored to realize a trustworthy and genuine partnership for the partners, profiles and listeners.



The stylist duo Sundling Kickén, consisting of Evalotta Sundling and Elin Kickén, has in a short period of time become prominent in the interior and design industry. In their podcast Design Talk w/ Sundling Kickén they sit down between assignments to talk about freelance life, everyday thoughts and designs. Follow them behind the scenes and take a look at the ups and downs of their work and handy interior tips where they aim for poetry and nothing less.



A podcast series in Zambia hosting ten of Africas most influential women in the entertainment industry with the purpose of mobilizing the population for change. Further details here.

To be released this fall.



They’ve been best friends for over 15 years, today they share life through glorious contrasts. Johanna creates an everyday life full of actions to build a global media and entertainment platform and Ebba is focusing on how a life as a mother to Ingrid should look like in her everyday life between their home in Stockholm and other places around the world. They don’t have the answers to how, but every day they try to realize their greatest adventure - life - relationships and the journey along the road that is now being recorded.

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