An opportunity to influence

Today, W/ Hoof was one of a the companies invited to the Swedish Parliament to talk about entrepreneurship. A conversation about how a policy should provide the right tools for growth and innovation. Entrepreneurs need good conditions to be able to grow and create jobs. Topics like how more people should be able to reach the market and get succesfull with their own brand were discussed. It was a valuable meeting which will lead to something prosperous in the future.

We would like to thank the following for giving inspiration, creative inputs and sharing their thoughts and opinions.

Ulf Kristensson, Party leader of the Moderates
Anna Svahn, Author and investor
Jörgen Warborn, Member of the swedish Parliament
Narmina Abdolova, Private financial advisor at nordea and runs two podcasts
Anna Karlsson, Co-Founder & MD Manifest Stockholm
Carolin Solskär, Head of Innovation at Nordic Teck House.
Vendela Lilliestråle, Co-founder of Qalora Capital
Camilla Lundin, CEO & Founder of Qalora Capital 
Martina Kaski, Founder of Eldstickan
Michaela Berglund, Organization Manager at Feminvest
Ann Grevelius, Co-founder at Opti
Mikaela Idermark, Manager Corporate Communications at Ericsson
Pauline Langbo, the founder of Gabrielle BY P
Vanessa Park, CO-Founder of Gate2Gate and Venture Lead at Playify

Especially a big thanks to Ulf Kristersson, Jörgen Warborn and Anna Svahn for the opportunity to influence!