Building Bridges at Rival

The house of With Hoof is a partner to the organization “Build Bridges”, a non profit organization to promote diversity and broadening of perspectives in Sweden led by the minister of happiness, Leila Karchaoui.

On the evening of May 13 the stage at Rival was filled with inspiring individuals with different backgrounds lecturing on how to be more open to build bridges between different people in their everyday lives. Danny Sausedo, Henrik Olausson, Margareta Neld, Tomas Bendz, Pa Modou, Kristina Hagström Ilievska, Mia Forsäng and Anna Tebelius Bodin to name a few of the change ambassadors. With Hoof was invited as a network ambassador for the event.

Build Bridges motivates people and brands to create links between different competencies, culture and generations. It is an innovation platform built for new ideas to develop the society.

Build Bridges goal is to fill the Globe by 2020, an initiativ we support. With Hoof will represent the night with entertainment and documentation.