Podcast duo rated #1 on Apple Podcast

The podcast duo and best friends Johanna Hoof and Ebba Barkenbom haven’t left the top list ‘New and Interesting’ generated from Itunes podcast app ‘Apple Podcast’ since their start in March this year. They are now releasing their twentieth episode and thereby ending their second season of ‘Life with Hoof Barkenbom’.

The duo is talking about life in all different aspects while they everyday invest in becoming their highest truest version. They share life through the glorious contrasts of building an international media and entertainment house and building a family on your own terms. Adventures, relationships and grand thoughts revealed through a spontaneous dialoge recorded each week and distributed through Spotify, Acast and Apple Podcast.

For collaborations w/ the show contact hi@withhoof.com

Listen to the podcast here!

Johanna Hoof