How can entertainment be a channel to mobilize people for change?

We started W/ Hoof because of the passion we have for investing in great ideas, stories and people that are enabling our perspectives to grow. Today we are happy to announce that we are joining Dr. Beatrice Bergdahl’s mission for women empowerment in Zambia and we will invest in the project the best way possible - by mobilizing people for change through entertainment.

With digitalization and media, the idea of feminism becomes a global movement and makes it even more important for us to help our sisters all around the world to fight for equality. The question is, how can we do that?

Dr. Beatrice Bergdahl (read more about her in the section below) was visiting the University of Zambia in Africa to write a scientific report on hypertension during pregnancy, when she got exposed to the magnitude of how women’s most basic rights were violated over and over again. It opened her eyes to the suffering women had to go through due to the lack of knowledge presented to them. She decided to do something about it and since we believe in the power of influence we decided to turn the muted issue into a loud and fierce podcast series.

In the podcast 'Empower W/sisters' Beatrice will interview ten of Africa’s most influential celebrities about their life journey to inspire empowerment in a region where reproduction and sexual health is still a huge problem and source to inequality. We believe that by give voice to alternative life choices and take away the tabu concerning women’s bodies in a camouflaged way, we will make a difference for the women listening to the podcast - when you educate a girl, you educate a whole nation.

Now we are excited to talk about the project for the first time as we host an after work on the subject together with HER Global Network. HER asked the Guest of Honor and podcast host Dr. Beatrice Bergdahl six questions about her vision prior to the event:

IG handle: @beatricebergdahl

Daytime job: Doctor at Marie Stopes Organization in Zambia. My job is to provide maternal health- and abortion services, but also information about contraception. An exciting project I am doing this fall is “Empower w/sisters”, a podcast which purpose is to give information about reproductive- and sexual health in order to empower women in Southern Africa.

What inspires you to do what you do: My interest in women’s rights. As long as women still are dying or suffering from pregnancy-related conditions, I will continue doing what I do. To receive good quality healthcare is a human right, and women’s rights are human rights. 

What is sisterhood to you: To always encourage one another to reach our full potential and to inspire one another to reach our dreams. 

What are you doing when you’re not being a powerbabe: I love to read books, but also to do yoga and experience nature. Having a project is necessary for my wellbeing, at the moment me and my husband are renovating a croft in the woods. 

Best advice you have ever received: My mother has always told me to become an independent woman. To me, it means to always go your own way. Never be afraid to invest in yourself or express your beliefs. 

What would you like the HER community to take away from next week’s event: Good health and family planning are the very foundation in order for women to become independent and empowered. It enables them to receive an education or start their own business. It encourages women to stand up for their rights and for equality. Therefore, “when you educate a girl, you educate a whole nation”.  

The HER x W/ HOOF event will be held at the W/ Hoof Residence Wednesday 28, email us at for detaljs & RSVP. Follow the project on our Instagram profile @withhoof during the production weeks September 13-30 in Lusaka Zambia. Podcast will be released this fall.